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¡ 3 steps for load your nego rates in Hotels! by Sandra Florencio

Hi guys!

With a special new for this new year! Now, I’ll also talk about Cars and Hotels! I will bring you information that will help you create reservations in these two segments using the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Let’s start with a super interesting topic: Negotiated Rates in Hotels!

Did you know that you can load your corporate hotel rates into the Amadeus system and make your reservations directly with us? Do not?! Well, your problems are over! Now, you’ll save time and get faster to serve your customers. How to do this? Let’s learn right now!

There are three very simple steps, see:

Speak with Amadeus: Through your Account Executive, request the code for negotiated rates (composed of 3 letters) for your agency and / or corporate clients;
Contact Suppliers and Hotels: Enter your negotiated rate code (eg XXX) and Office IDs Amadeus to suppliers and hotels with whom you have agreed rates, requesting the charging of these rates to the Amadeus system;
Use the indicated commands: Once the hotels complete the agreed rate charges, confirm in the Amadeus system if they are already active using the commands below:



For more information, please contact your Amadeus executive!

So, did you like this post? I hope your comments Do not stop to comment !!

I wait for you in the next post! Until next time!

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I am interested in this product
For my Agency website. ldptt.com

The booking engine for the site is powered by Amadeus
Could the hotel nego rates be loaded to the site’s office ID?
Thanks in advance

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