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The lesson of John, Paul and George for the distribution of hotels

by Augusto Ohashi, Director of Corporations, Hotels and Cars, Amadeus Latin America

Those who like rock, more specifically the Beatles, know that the lack of harmony between the three main band members – John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison – was instrumental in the band’s breakup in 1970. In their solo careers after the separation, all of the band members wrote songs mentioning this relationship problem, such as “How Do You Sleep?” (Lennon), “Wah-Wah” (Harrison) and “Too Many People” (McCartney).

The lesson that this should teach everyone, including businesses, is that if a lack of harmony was able to separate the members that formed one of the partnerships considered as being the most solid and brightest in the history of music, everyone should worry about dealing with their companions in a special way, whether they are customers, suppliers or partners.

In business, it’s no different. True technological partners actively participate in the production chain of which they are a part, contributing to effective and mature long-term business cooperation, instead of merely providing the means for their customers to be able obtain success in business. In the case of the travel industry, only with the participatory performance of all members can we play the right note to ensure customer satisfaction and a consequent increase in the productivity of the entire chain.

The Amadeus Hotels Unit has embraced partnerships with customers and suppliers as a business rule, an eternal “business-as-usual” that has proven to be a good recipe for dealing with the growing challenges posed by the ever-changing terrain. To ensure that everything remains fine-tuned, we have established a single connection between providers and agencies.

We offer the agencies that are our customers a benchmark on rates and availability of hotels at the most popular destinations for travelers. “We do this job for you. This perfect rhythm ensures that our customers get the best deals for their customers and greater profitability for agencies every day.

But that’s not the only benchmark we provide. We also have the ability to offer a detailed study of the inventory of our hotel partners for you, so you can have valuable information to form the basis of your hotel data strategy.

We also have a very efficient way of helping to load the rates you have negotiated directly with the hotels. Thanks to our audit function, we conduct periodic and automatic checks to ensure that your negotiated rate is correctly loaded onto the system.

If your agency has rates loaded onto another GDS and you think it will require a lot of work to migrate the information to the Amadeus system, it’s because you haven’t yet discovered our code translation functional, which makes this task easier and faster.

We guarantee that hotels will be viewed and searched for by more than 92,000 travel agencies worldwide, leading to more than 3.7 billion reservations per day. In addition, with Amadeus’s new travel intelligence solutions we can also offer market trend reports by analyzing the big data we process every day, providing the possibility of advertising your properties on our channels, further increasing the chances of bookings.

We will also soon have new payment solutions for hotels in the region, which will enable a reduction in fraud, in addition to quicker reconciliation and billing for providers.

All these innovations are part of Amadeus’s strategies for simplifying the work of the travel agents and enhancing opportunities for all travel providers through automations that reach the entire chain of transactions and establish a new tune in the day to day life of the tourism industry.

In conclusion, our premise is focused so that in our business we can play more “Ticket to Ride” rather than “Help!”.

Find out more at http://br.amadeushotelandcar.com/ to join the band and shape the future of travel in the accommodation segment together!

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