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Our growing hotel content and advanced functionalities allows you to explore new opportunities to grow your travel agency business even further

We have been working hard over the years to build a hotel content offer that gives you access to the widest possible range of hotels for your customers. But we’ve taken every step by making sure that we keep the booking process simple and integrated. After all we want to ensure that every booking you make is as profitable as possible for your business.

Below you’ll find a range of links, which will show you everything from how and where you can book hotels to some of our best hotel content on offer. We’ll be continuously adding new tools, insights and materials here for you to learn more about how you can make hotels work for your business.

What’s new in Amadeus Hotels?

New City Express Hotels code in Amadeus 

Now you can find City Express Hotels in Amadeus with de XE code. Remember this when you need to make bookings in Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Use this code to book any City Express Hotel:

  • City Express Hotels
  • City Express Plus
  • City Express Suites
  • City Express Junior

This hotels chain has more than 96 hotels in the main cities of Mexico that meet the needs of the economical segment of business travelers.

How do you make a booking in a City Express Hotel via Amadeus?

It’s very easy! You have to add /CO-XE to the availability entry in Amadeus.

For example: